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Merikartta is an evolving circular economy ecosystem and constantly expanding network.

Finland has a long history in the maritime cluster and a lot of know-how, from shipbuilding to technological development. We believe that extensive cooperation in the sector will improve both the employment and competitiveness and enable a maritime cluster that contributes to circular economy and carbon neutrality. There is also a global demand for know-how and technological solutions, which will increase in the coming years as regulations tighten.

Working together to increase the responsibility of the maritime cluster will also give the sector good visibility. Finland has the know-how to develop such an ecosystem.

The stages of Merikartta: baseline work 2017-2020, TEM funding for the start of the ecosystem 2020-2022, the new phase 2022 ->

Read the final report of the start of the ecosystem!

Contact information:

Piia Nurmi,

Inka Mäkiö,


Our goals

  • Operating conditions: We aim to create stable operating conditions for the marine industries development of circular economy-based practices and businesses in Finland.
  • Cooperation: We are building a network based on openness and trust, which makes Finland a pioneer in such field.
  • Life cycle: Mapping of the environmental impacts and opportunities of the circular economy throughout the whole life cycle of the value chain.
  • New expertise: Increase and share the participants expertise, make new project openings and innovations related to the theme. A collaborative model that brings together previous projects, know-how and technologies on the same map.


Our ways of working in the new phase 2022->

  • Events by Merikartta or with our stakeholders
  • email newsletter
  • webpages active

Our way of working during 2020-2022

We actively work both on the online platform and in theme groups.

  • Merikartta project has a Howspace platform for the entire network. We use Howspace as an active networking and working platform
  • Most of the work will be done actively in theme groups. The theme groups are designed towardsthe creation of new project openings, co-operation patterns and measures. We are actively inviting more companies and actors which are relevant to the theme totake part in these theme groups. You can register for groups on the Howspace platform.
  • In addition to theme groups, we will start knowledge-sharing webinars for the entire network.
  • The work started in October 2020 and January 2021 with two big online workshops.


The building of the network was funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland in 2020-2022.